1)          The entire vehicle must be placed on plastic.  If carpeting is used, plastic must be placed under or on top of carpeting.  If just plastic is used additional padding must be placed under each tire.  For example, carpeting, cardboard, etc.  If you have a vehicle that leaks any fluids, that vehicle WILL NOT be allowed entrance into the Arnot Mall.

2)          No liquids can be used for waxing or tire shining purposes.  All vehicles will be inspected as they enter the building for “Wet surfaces” either on the body or tire sidewalls.  If you use liquids during the car show and you drip on the floor, you will be held responsible for any damage repairs. If your vehicle leaks fluids you will also be held responsible.   The tracks will not be held accountable for those that can’t abide by the rules.

3)          All visible gas caps will be covered with tape and batteries unhooked.  No starting of any race vehicle inside the Arnot Mall

4)          No smoke making machines, strobe lights or high intensity flashing, candles or open flames, firearms, knives or any other weapons.

5)          It is advised that each team come prepared with a tape measure.  The Arnot Mall

        has very strict  fire protocol.  Each vehicle must be 4’ from a bench and 10’ from

        the most protruding part of a store front or kiosk.  Do not leave your vehicle

        once you have parked in your designated spot until the Arnot Mall Fire and

        Security Personnel release you.

6)     Teams are allowed to set up displays around their respective cars, however the

        sale of  any merchandise that is in direct competition with any vendor in the

        Arnot Mall is strictly prohibited.